Stephanie was irreplaceable during the VBAC birth of my son. She managed all the business aspects of birthing, so my family could focus on me, and she was there for me during the hardest parts of the birth, when I felt I might give up. She gave me gentle but firm guidance in those moments, reminded me of the important work at hand, kept me on track, and helped my family stay grounded around me. She took care of communicating my wants and needs with hospital staff, which can be tough when you’re delirious from the birthing experience, and your partner is overwhelmed as well. She was so professional, and so loving. Amazing to have her calm and wise energy at my side for such a huge task! Thank you Stephanie!

Jessica McCord

“My husband and I both felt so supported by Stephanie throughout our entire birth experience.  Her calm presence brought us reassurance and a sense of security during my labor and delivery.  She helped to guide us in our decision making before, during and after the birth of our son offering helpful, unbiased information and resources so we felt well-informed and positive about our choices.  We absolutely recommend working with Stephanie and are so grateful to her for her help in bringing our child into the world.  I can’t imagine having gone through the experience without her!”

Dawn Byrum

I am so grateful that I had Stephanie as my birth doula. From when my husband and I met with her before the labor, Stephanie was full of knowledge and experience that reassured us regarding the labor process. When I was in labor and arrived at the hospital, Stephanie was there soon after checking in at 4:00 am. Her presence gave me such relief, for I needed her help and support to get through the intense back labor pains I was experiencing. Stephanie’s words of encouragement and support for me and my husband helped both of us to get through the long labor. I know my labor would not have gone as well if it weren’t for Stephanie. She met with us a few times after the birth to check to see how we were doing as new parents. She continued to answer the questions we had and was always available by phone, text and email. We really liked that she took notes of our labor timeline for us to have for our baby book. I could say a lot more wonderful things about Stephanie, but trust me when I say I highly recommend her as your birth doula.
~ Jaime Johnson (First Time Mom)